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Welcome to NyooTV.com, your one stop shop for web entertainment! NyooTV is an entertainment website dedicated to enthrall audiences with legal Bollywood content. It is one site where users can find Bollywood films, Bollywood Events, Bollywood Parties, Music Videos Online, Music Launch, Bollywood trailers, Bollywood Movies, music videos, Latest Upcoming Bollywood Movies Videoold and latest songs, and they can watch them in high definition for free You are in NyooTV.com EVENTS section, which gives web audiences an update of all that is happening in tinsel town. B-Town is happening and NyooTV brings to you all the events and action that takes place in Bollywood. Know what your favorite celebrity is up to, who is endorsing which brand, music launches, Bollywood parties, film premieres and all kinds of celebrity gossip. The event section in NyooTV has four sub categories. Viewers can find all Bollywood related events and functions in the Bollywood section. This section has all the bollywood latest news about Bollywood actors and actresses and about all the activities they indulge in. Find out who are a couple and who are splitting, who is into a film and who has walked out of a film and all other related babble in Bollywood. Get regular updates about every Bollywood event each day as you log on to NyooTV.com.